What about weddings?

And what you can do to help.

2020 was unfortunately cursed with the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, many couples have had to call off their weddings to ensure they keep themselves, their loved ones and wedding vendors safe. Calling off large weddings it certainly the right thing to do to try to limit the spread of the virus, after all, it is infectious. However, this virus has negatively impacted all kinds of industries, one of which being the wedding industry.  

We have worked in the industry for many years now and have never seen something impact us quite so much. We are seeing our beloved brides and grooms as well as all of our industry friends lose their hopes as there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Some have still taken the leap and decided to have an intimate wedding, or a microwedding as it’s commonly called nowadays. This means only a handful of people get to witness a happy couple on their special day. This also means that suppliers, like us, get to miss out too.  

Fortunately for many industries, they have had the support of the government to help them through such tough and unpredictable times. From furlough schemes to business grants, there has been a lot of support, but not so much for the wedding industry. In fact, the wedding industry has seen such little support, numerous vendors and venues are struggling to keep their heads above water. With so little help and such unprecedented times, the What About Weddings Campaign formed. The campaign is designed to shed light on the wedding industry, and it’s now struggling professionals as well as those who so desperately want to get married. Unfortunately, many wedding suppliers do not have access to the grants and loans being offered by the local authorities which has led to wedding suppliers, like us, taking a stand and asking for support. 

The wedding and seasonal event sector is worth almost a whopping £15bn, but there seems to be minimal funding available for suppliers. That’s why we’re encouraging you to sign the #WhatAboutWeddings petition so that every effected by the pandemic can be recognised and have their voices heard. We are not asking for too much, only for the 400,000 people directly employed by the industry and the 60,000 businesses that provide services seek some sort of relief for their worry they are experiencing.  

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