Q : Do we have to come to your location?

R : No, both systems are transportable so we can attend your desired venue.

Q: What size area do you need?

R: The outside system requires an area, preferably grassed, of about 35m x 10m to fly the clays. The indoor Smart Target system only requires a relatively small area, a distance of about 7m from the targets is about the minimum.

Q: Do you need a power supply?

R: No, the score board and automatic clay trap have their own power supply as do the guns.

Q: How old do you need to be to use the guns?

R: There is no age limit, if you can hold the guns safely you can have a go.

Q: Is there any recoil with the guns?

R: No, the beauty of the system is you get all the bangs and excitement of the sport but no bruises !

Q: Do I need a shotgun licence?

R: No, whilst they started life as shotguns they are now full of wire and batteries and do not require a licence.

Q: Whats the maximum number of people who can use it?

R: Unlike normal clay pigeon shooting where only one person can shoot at any one time, five people shoot at the same time so more can go through quickly which avoids long waits for a go. There is no maximum number of people.

Q: What happens if the weather is wet?

R: The system can still be used in wet weather. There is a 6m x 3m three sided marque that shooters can stand under. If the weather is really bad the indoor system can be offered if the premises are suitable. If it is not possible to use either system then an alternative date or refund would be given.

Q: Do the clays break and make a mess?

R: No, the guns emit a light beam which is reflected by the modified clay pigeons which is registered by the gun and scoreboard. The clays land and are collected so it is environmentally friendly and clean.

Q: Do you do other things?

R: Yes, if you are organising a party, wedding or other event, don’t rely on unknown suppliers. Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd can help you plan and source reliable suppliers.

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Glad your time with us was positive. It is always to pleasure to work with you. The feedback was super positive about the entire event. They were very happy with all the activities and their overall experience. Couldn’t have gone better to be honest.

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