The Laser Clay Outdoor System is totally unique. By using modern technology to reinvent a classic sport, this is certainly an experience! Using a modified shotgun, and of course laser clays, anyone can shoot and score. All that is required is a outdoor space, meaning any view can be your backdrop.

If you’re wondering how it works… Each player stands on their numbered mat, holds their shotgun and listens out for “PULL”. Once the shots are fired, the scoreboard will automatically change if the clays have been hit, giving you realtime scores. It is very similar to original clay pigeon shooting, except you’re not left with tonnes of mess.

This outdoor system is a great way to bring everyone together and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy competition.

This system is designed to be used outdoors, but fear not, if it rains, it can be brought inside.

Feel free to contact us if you would like any more information.

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‘Really well organised and hugely enjoyable day with Laser Clays Entertainment. Steve and the team were so friendly and explained everything really clearly and quickly. Much better group activity than conventional clay pigeon shooting as you can compete at the same time as others and keep an eye on scores. Would recommend to anyone and will definitely try and book in the future again’.

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