System Outline

Classic clay pigeon shooting is tiresome and messy, not to mention it can hurt! What if we told you that you could still enjoy a shoot without having a bruised shoulder at the end of the day and broken clay scattered everywhere.

Here at Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd, we provide two types of laser shooting experiences. We have an outdoor system that resembles traditional clay pigeon shooting and an indoor system that comes with either a zombie or mission impossible theme.

The outdoor system is massively popular during summer months, especially for weddings and corporate events. The systems differ slightly in the sense that the outdoor system involves a moving target whereas the indoor system involves eight stationary targets that flash in sequence. Both use the same modified shotguns and scoreboard system. We can be bespoke to any requirements or restrictions you may have.

We can host your event in Shrewsbury, or we’re more than happy to come to you, wherever you may be.

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Glad your time with us was positive. It is always to pleasure to work with you. The feedback was super positive about the entire event. They were very happy with all the activities and their overall experience. Couldn't have gone better to be honest.

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