Laser Clay Pigeons
Zombies at the party !!
Corporate Event, Albrighton Hall, Shrewsbury
40th Birthday Party, Roaches Hall, Peak District 2015
Busness Design Centre, Islington, London. Flat-Living Live 2 day event 2015
Flat Living Live 2015, Islington, London
Ashby Agricultural Show 2015
Flat - Living Live, London July 2015
Solent Forts, Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth July 2015
Albrighton Hall, Shrewsbury. Corporate Event, June 2015
Shooting with the outdoor luminous clays.
Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Dinner March 2016
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A big thank you from Silverstone Circuits, all our colleagues had an amazing time. From start to finish it was well organised and everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed themselves, found many had a competitive streak in them, it was perfect for beginners to novices too. At the end of the day the top 5 ladies and men was buzzing with excitement, who was going to win the medals? It was great for team building as we had staff from all departments taking part, definitely would recommend this activity to all our clients too. Thanks again Sharon.

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