With authentic, de-activated 12-bore shotguns, you can shoot at various targets. The system has five guns and a scoreboard. The guns fire an infrared beam at the reflective and reusable clays. Once you aim and fire your shotgun, there will be a realistic shotgun sound, letting you know that the trigger has been pulled. If you then hit a clay, you will hear the sound of a breaking clay and your points will appear on the scoreboard.

When playing outside, fluorescent coloured clays are shot into the sky for maximum visibility and an authentic experience. Each player stands on their number mat, listens out for the call and fires at the clays. The automatic clay launcher holds up to 55 clays, incorporates a charger for the luminous clays and adjustable to fire at different speeds and angles.

Up to five people can shoot at the same targets, launched from a number of positions at differing speeds and angles. There are also several settings, requiring different skills. You can play just for fun or as a serious competitive team sport!

It’s environmentally friendly too as the harmless infrared beam is fired at reusable clays and it doesn’t produce any waste.



PARISS uses up to 10 static targets, which can be activated in several different ways. When a target is ‘active’ it shows a ring of lights and, when hit, it will flash. There are two main operating modes:

  • ‘fixed’ mode – targets can be selected at random, remaining active for a chosen length of time allowing all players to shoot at the same time
  • ‘jump’ mode – a target ‘dies’ as soon as it is hit and another activates
  • Targets can be randomly placed around the shooting area or built into a permanent or portable background




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I called Steve of LaserClays on the Wednesday, before my daughter’s birthday, the following Sunday in what I thought a rather long shot that he might be able to help. Not only did he and 2 assistants come and set it all up, we’re helpful and my group of 16 mixed children and parents, had a most enjoyable time. Also, he gave medals and made a presentation. Brilliant day had by all!

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