Laser clay pigeon shooting is played with authentic, de-activated 12-bore shotguns. The system has five guns and a scoreboard. The guns fire an infrared beam at the reflective and reusable clays – there’s a realistic shotgun ‘bang’ – hits are indicated by the sound of a breaking clay and appear on the scoreboard.

Up to five people can shoot at the same targets, launched from a number of positions at differing speeds and angles. There are several games, requiring increasing skill levels.

Outdoors or indoors
Daytime, with three fluorescent colour clays
Night-time – with luminous clays that create a bright green path across the night sky.
Automatic clay launcher – holds up to 55 clays, incorporates a charger for the luminous clays and adjustable to fire at different speeds and angles.
Play anytime, anywhere – at weddings, country events, village fetes, at clubs, pubs, parties, corporate events, amusement parks.
No age restriction – completely safe, even for young children.

Play just for fun… Or as a serious competitive team sport
Green – environmentally friendly. Harmless infrared beam is fired at re-usable clays. Even the sound is adjustable


PARISS uses up to 10 static targets, which can be activated in several different ways. When a target is ‘active’ it shows a ring of lights and, when hit, it will flash. There are two main operating modes:

  • ‘fixed’ mode – targets can be selected at random, remaining active for a chosen length of time allowing all players to shoot at the same time
  • ‘jump’ mode – a target ‘dies’ as soon as it is hit and another activates
  • Targets can be randomly placed around the shooting area or built into a permanent or portable background

Fun, Skilled, Addictive!

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